Extreme Road Trip 2

Extreme Road Trip 2 3.13.0

Hit jumps and try to land on all four wheels


  • Fun gameplay
  • Tons of powerups and achievements
  • Minimally intrusive ads


  • Graphics could be better
  • Not much variation between levels
  • No special game modes to break up monotony


Extreme Road Trip 2 is an arcade game that combines elements from trials games and Tiny Wings.

Gameplay in Extreme Road Trip 2 is simple but challenging. Maintain momentum through the levels, which are very similar to Tiny Wings' with long sloping hills. Perform stunts and jumps along the way to maintain momentum. If you fall on anything but your wheels or if you stop, your car will explode in a hilarious fashion.

Extreme Road Trip 2 keeps things interesting by introducing power ups and achievements. There power ups for turbo boost and magnetism. You'll gain more boost by timing your jumps and landings correctly. Press both buttons to slam your car down on a slope, generating more momentum to get as far in the level as possible.

The graphics in Extreme Road Trip 2 are very basic and lack the polish of more popular games. The levels are very cartoon-ish and don't feature many details. While it works, it'd be nice to see the developers put some more thoughts in the graphics for Extreme Road Trip 2.

Overall, Extreme Road Trip 2 provides a solid arcade driving experience but its graphics could use some work.

Extreme Road Trip 2


Extreme Road Trip 2 3.13.0

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